This house had its roof severely damaged by storms this year, resulting in water penetrating into the living spaces and filling up a light fixture on the ceiling.

Setting up to tear off the old shingles down to wood.

Setting up to tear off the old shingles down to wood.

The insurance company originally stated that they wouldn’t pay for the tar paper or drip edges to be replaced. The owner was supposed to find someone to save the old felt! This lowered the price of the job that the insurer was willing to pay out to a number so low that no one would accept that figure to do the job.

Insurance refused to pay for tarpaper

Insurance refused to pay for tarpaper

We advised the homeowner that it was building code that required us to install drop edges on all the edges of the roof, and that the shingle manufacturer would not warranty their products unless the job was installed correctly.

Following that exchange, the insurer increased the award to a number high enough to get the work done.

Storm Damaged Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Brunswick MD

We completed the work for a very happy homeowner.

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